Hanif Omar Is A Liar

I met an UMNO friend of mine who did not know that I am a supporter of Reformasi. (this fool thought that only Malays were interested in the Reformasi movement). Quite innocently he told me that his father and Hanif were old time friends and that Hanif had told his father that all he said about Anwar were lies. He said Mahathir made him say all these lies to give credibility to his accusations against Anwar.!!!

I believe Hanif is a liar. Why?

1. If Hanif claimed he had strong proof about Anwar's supposed affairs with men why can't he supply those investigation papers to the AG and follow it up with a police report?

2.  Hanif claimed that Mahathir did not believe him when he told him about Anwar. This is surely a lie because it is unlikely the PM did not believe and trust his own Inspector General of Police who then was  the first lawman in the country.