MCA And MIC Candidates Will Be Wiped Out Under BN Banner
During the past general election, MIC has won only with malay votes. Show me at least one state or parliment seat with 51% Indian majority voters in Malaysia, NONE. The only  largest Indian voters is in the Telok Kemang state seat, in Negeri Sembilan with 9% voters others in the country are insignificant of between 7%  to less than 1%. In the coming general
election  for  MIC I predict it will be wiped out.

As for  MCA the only major chinese voters are  in the cities and large towns  the votes will then be divided between DAP and when the city Malays[mostly governmnet staff and general workers] vote for change of goverment MCA will lose 80% its existing seats in the city and towns. In the rural areas MCA can forget it , likely they will lose the deposits. The only solution
to gain sympahty vote is for MCA and MIC members to pressure Dr. M to step down, if not MCA and DAP will have to join as a junior partner in the new colition government with PAS, keADIlan,PRM, PBS, PBDS, Permas,Parti  Reformasi Negeri Serawak and some UMNO candidate who quit the party after the general election and the Indian candidates to be appointed senators to serve in the new government since they lost all.

Lets be practical and face current reality of malays rebellion for a new malaysia without BN or mahatir. The Chinese and Indians voters must accept this reality because the politics of Malaysia is about who the malays want to be rulers and at the
same time how to fit their Chinese, Indians, Sarawakians and Sabahan brothers into the governing jig saw puzzle. Therefore the theory of Dr.Ling Leong Sik and Semi Value on the BN is out of date and they do not want to face the reality. Let not the pipier sang a song that lead you into the ocean and drown!